Sol Company History

Sol Company started its activities with a 25-year proposal in Iran with the aim of accompanying and supporting Iranian artists and in order to promote culture and art in Iran, collaborating with various music studios in Iran and producing several music albums in different genres. Music, holding concerts in all parts of Iran and other countries can be seen in the brilliant record of this company. Among the groups that have been active in Iran with the support of this company, Payar Music Group and other groups that have performed artistic activities in Iran with our material and spiritual support, as well as cooperation with elites and emerging talents in music and other visual arts in Iran is one of the honors of Sol Company.
Today we are proud to expand this activity in Northern Europe (with a focus on Sweden) and to support the artistic activities of Persian speakers in this vast geography, and we hope to be able to make a small contribution to their flourishing with the shining of emerging art stars.

The history of Sol Company